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Do you have lumbar or cervical facet syndrome? Are you looking for a permanent solution? Our cryodenervation treatment is for you.

Who is Cryodenervation For?

Facet syndrome or back pain

Have you been diagnosed with facet syndrome or facet back pain? You are a candidate for cryodenervation.

Prescription for a rhizotomy or radiofrequency denervation

Do you have a prescription for a rhizotomy or radiofrequency denervation? You are a candidate for cryodenervation.

Facet block with more than 80% of improvement in the first hour

Did you receive a facet block with more than 80% improvement in the first hour? You are a candidate for cryodenervation.

Don't meet one of these three criteria?
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What is Cryodenervation?

  • Cryodenervation is a unique treatment in North America that gives patients permanent relief. Cryodenervation is a cold treatment that consists in inserting a probe in which argon circulates directly into the pain site. The argon can reach a temperature of -150oC. This procedure uses extreme cold to freeze and destroy the nerves that transmit pain from the damaged facets, which leads to an irreversible denervation of the facet.
  • The cryotherapy used for denervation is also called cryosurgery, cryoablation or cryosurgical ablation, depending on the use. Cryosurgery is also used in the treatment of certain cancers, to destroy tumors.
  • Cryodenervation is performed using state-of-the-art equipment. Dr. Roy MD, FRCSC, a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, cumulates extensive experience in multiple back treatments and masters the innovative spinal surgery techniques. Spinal orthopedist since 1990, amongst thousands of other patients, he has treated more than 800 with cryodenervation and recorded an 80% permanent relief rate.

What Are The Steps of a Cryodenervation Treatment?


Guidance Using an Ultra-Efficient Radiology Device

The procedure is performed with the help of an ultra-efficient radiology device, which provides an optimal view of the treatment area and an extremely precise positioning of the probe.


Probe Insertion

The doctor makes a very small incision in the skin for the insertion of the probe. The tip of the probe is moved all the way to the nerves that transmit pain from the damaged facets.


Denervation of the Facet

Cryodenervation is treatment by cold. An ice ball forms at the end of the probe, where -150oC argon circulates. With this intense cold we obtain the irreversible denervation of the facet. Denervation is permanent, unlike rhizotomy or facet block with cortisone infiltration, which only provide temporary relief.

Cost of Treatment

The cost of cryodenervation treatment is 7950 $.

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