Treated Pathologie / Discogenic Low Back Pain

Discogenic Back Pain

Several symptoms such as increased pain while sitting, bending over and lifting heavy weights, especially if said weights are far from your body, may indicate discogenic back pain. The pain may also increase slightly when standing and decrease when lying down.

Discogenic back pain is the most common cause of back pain as it’s the cause of almost 50% of all back pain. Only a specialized doctor can make an accurate diagnosis regarding the type of back pain you are suffering from and the best treatment options available. L5-S1 private back medical clinic offers surgeries to treat discogenic back pain.

What is Discogenic Back Pain?

It is a condition where the discs are affected by some sort of degeneration, which is accelerated by trauma or progressively reached without trauma. Disc degeneration can cause pain because the distribution of pressure is uneven and thus stimulates the nerve endings of the layers of the altered disc.

Our Solutions if you Suffer from Discogenic Back Pain



If you suffer from back pain and your condition requires surgery, you can be operated on quickly by one of the best spine surgeons in North America. Dr. Jean-François Roy MD, FRCSC, a spinal orthopedist for over 30 years, is uniquely experienced in Canada. He has extensive experience in many kinds of back treatments and practices innovative spine surgery techniques.



If you do not have a diagnosis, make an appointment for a consultation with Dr Jean-François Roy MD, FRCSC. Your condition will be evaluated by one of the best back specialists in North America, Dr. Jean-François Roy MD, FRCSC. He will take the time to discuss with you and you will get a diagnosis without delay. You will take control of your back health and quickly know the options available to you. Furthermore, you will have access to radiological exams and complementary treatments under the same roof, if necessary.