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Lumbago and Back Pain

Do you suffer from back or spinal pain? You probably suffer from lumbago, more commonly known as back pain. You are part of 80% of the population that experiences back pain at least once in their lives. Does it get in the way of your daily activities? Ask for a diagnosis to find out what solutions and treatments are available to you.

What Is Back Pain?

There are several types of lumbago you can suffer from: facet, discogenic, sacroiliac dysfunction, herniated disc or other. Each of these back pains can be treated in different ways. Don’t turn your back on this type of problem. If you want a diagnosis that will allow you to move forward knowing your treatment options, ask for a consultation with one of the best specialists in North America, Dr. Jean-François Roy MD, FRCSC.

Our Solutions if You Suffer from Lumbago or Back Pain



If you have back pain or back pain, your condition will be evaluated by one of the best back specialists in North America, Dr. Jean-François Roy MD, FRCSC. He will take the time to discuss with you and you will get a diagnosis without delay. You will take control of your back health and quickly know the options available to you. Furthermore, you will have access to radiological exams and complementary treatments under the same roof, if necessary.


Cryodenervation Treatment

Cryodenervation is an innovative method used in the treatment of facet and cervical back pain. This procedure, exclusive to our clinic, takes less than an hour to perform and will give you permanent relief by destroying the nerves transmitting pain from the altered facets.

If at least one of the following statements describes you, you are a potential candidate for cryodenervation :

You have been diagnosed with facet syndrome or facet back pain.
You have received a prescription for a rhizotomy or radiofrequency denervation.
You had a facet block with more than 80% improvement in the first hour.


If your suffer from back pain and your condition requires surgery, you can be operated on quickly by one of the best spine surgeons in North America. Dr. Jean-François Roy MD, FRCSC, a spinal orthopedist for over 30 years, is uniquely experienced in Canada. He has extensive experience in many kinds of back treatments and practices innovative spine surgery techniques.